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Waterfront Station

The project consists of the construction of a 13-story residential building with two levels of below grade parking garage and roof-top pool and penthouse.  The structure will be comprised of reinforced concrete construction with a mat foundation. DMY Capitol team consists of qualified inspectors/technicians certified by WACEL (Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories) and/or ACI, structural steel inspectors (CWI, ICC, or P.E.), Project Manager, and project oversight by a Principal Engineer licensed in the District of Columbia.

DMY is currently providing construction material testing services including Earthwork Compaction Testing, Sheeting and Shoring, Foundation Systems, Cast in Place Concrete Testing and Inspection, Rough Carpentry Inspection, Waterproofing and Roofing Inspections, Fire Stopping Inspections, Masonry Testing and Inspections, as well as other tests required by the local codes and project Contract Documents. DMY has extensive experience providing similar services to our clients and the company is known for providing quality service on time and within the specified budget.

Israel Manor Senior Residences

The project site is located at 2401 Washington Place, NE, Washington, DC.  An archeological study was performed at the project site through test pits as deep as 15 feet.  Some of the test pit locations and depths were within the foundation impact zone for the proposed multi-story apartment building.  To avoid undermining future building foundations, the backfill operations was observed and tested so that a minimum 95% of the Standard Proctor value can be achieved with suitable fill.

DMY performed appropriate laboratory testing on materials proposed for use as fill, backfill. Testing included: Grain Size Distribution, ASTM D-422, Liquid and Plastic (Atterberg) Limits, D-4318, Proctor Moisture Density Relationships ASTM D-698. In addition to that, DMY also performed in-place density tests as required by project specifications, and test each lift for compaction.

Ferebee Hope Recreation Center

The project is located at 3999 8th Street, SE Washington, DC and involved the renovation of an existing playground. The project included the renovation of new playground equipment and furnishing and all the associated work. Storm water management retention was provided using permeable playground surface and underlying gravel layer. The geotechnical information indicated soils with a good infiltration rate.

DMY provided Construction, Electrical and Plumbing inspections to document compliance with local jurisdiction. DMY also performed appropriate laboratory testing on materials proposed for use as fill and backfill. Mr. Abebe Mandefro coordinated technicians and engineers’ efforts under tight schedule constraints to help project completion on time.

Jewish Primary Day School

The subject site is located at 6045 16th Street, NW in Washington, DC.  The site consists of a two-story primary school bounded on the north and west sides by Fort Stevens Drive NW, on the east side by Rock Creek Ford Road NW and a commercial (retail) building, and Military Road NW to the south. It is currently occupied by a primary school campus with a parking lot, playground and athletic field. The topography consists of an overall mild slope to the north.

DMY conducted four (4) infiltration tests at representative bio-retention filter or permeable pavement locations.  The locations selected were intended to provide adequate infiltration data for the design of all of the stormwater management facilities. In conformance with the published standard developed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation method outlined in USBR 7300-89, DMY used a recently developed automated permeameter device for performing the constant head method of infiltration. This system measured the hydraulic conductivity of the underlying soils. The infiltration test holes had been presoaked with approximately 6 inches of potable water before the actual tests were performed.  Upon completion of the project, the client’s Project Manager commended DMY’s services stating that we were “Responsive and Innovative”.

Twin Oaks Community Garden

The project is located at 14th Street NW and Upshur Street NW, Washington, D.C. It is bordered by 14th Street NW to the west, Upshur Street NW to the south, recreation center buildings and pool to the north, and multi-level residential buildings to the east. The site slopes downward to the south and west from a topographic high of approximate EL 180 feet to a topographic low of approximate EL 155 feet.  The east side of the site is mostly open and vegetated with grass.  Wooded areas and dense ground cover are present at the south and west sides of the site. DMY’s specific area of investigation within the park was located on the hill adjacent to the recreation center.

DMY’s scope of services included reviewing the project information provided to us, Drilling SPT borings at five (5) locations to evaluate the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions for the proposed construction, drilling auger probes at five (5) locations to conduct field infiltration testing for potential rain garden locations, evaluating field and laboratory data as well as Performing engineering calculations and analyses and preparing this geotechnical engineering report. DMY also assisted the design team with local engineering requirements as well as concerns unique to the site, which the client was not aware of.  This early and active involvement in the project beyond just the geotechnical engineering scope ensured a smooth project design and development process.