Residential Projects

Waterfront Station1

Waterfront Station

The project consists of the construction of a 13-story residential building with two levels of below grade parking garage and roof-top pool and penthouse. The structure will be comprised of reinforced concrete construction with a mat foundation. DMY Capitol team consists of qualified inspectors/technicians certified by WACEL (Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories) and/or ACI, structural steel inspectors (CWI, ICC, or P.E.), Project Manager, and project oversight by a Principal Engineer licensed in the District of Columbia.

DMY is currently providing construction material testing services including Earthwork Compaction Testing, Sheeting and Shoring, Foundation Systems, Cast in Place Concrete Testing and Inspection, Rough Carpentry Inspection, Waterproofing and Roofing Inspections, Fire Stopping Inspections, Masonry Testing and Inspections, as well as other tests required by the local codes and project Contract Documents. DMY has extensive experience providing similar services to our clients and the company is known for providing quality service on time and within the specified budget.

Israel Manor2

Israel Manor Senior Residences

The project site is located at 2401 Washington Place, NE, Washington, DC. An archeological study was performed at the project site through test pits as deep as 15 feet. Some of the test pit locations and depths were within the foundation impact zone for the proposed multi-story apartment building. To avoid undermining future building foundations, the backfill operations was observed and tested so that a minimum 95% of the Standard Proctor value can be achieved with suitable fill.

DMY performed appropriate laboratory testing on materials proposed for use as fill, backfill. Testing included: Grain Size Distribution, ASTM D-422, Liquid and Plastic (Atterberg) Limits, D-4318, Proctor Moisture Density Relationships ASTM D-698. In addition to that, DMY also performed in-place density tests as required by project specifications, and test each lift for compaction.


Channing Place

This project consisted of a six story building new construction, which proposed 139 new residential units and amenities. Also proposed were 58 new parking space provided by the parking garage on the first level of this building. The new construction was proposed to include a business center, coffee bar, concierge, conference room, bike shop, bike storage, dog washing facilities and dog park. Also included in the new construction plan was two courtyards, a fitness room, yoga studio, game room, communal lounge, mezzanine, and outdoor pool. DMY provided consulting services by evaluating footing conditions, locating the reinforcing steel (rebar) with the existing structure, and determine concrete slab strength at the location.